Children may not get to see one of their parents for a long time and there can be a wide variety of reasons for this however they can broadly be characterised as either Estranged or Alienated.


For a wide number of reasons the absent parent has lost contact with the child. Some of these include:

-separated during a war;

-absent parent didn't want to be a parent;

-absent parent didn't want to be part of a system that penalises a parent for being the non-custodial parent, ie harassed with restraining orders if the the custodial parent gets angry with them, harassed for extra money of the custodial parent feels the gifts to the child are expensive, harassed for extra money if the custodial parent notices the other parent has a girlfriend/boyfriend, nice clothing or anything they deem to be a luxury (the custodial parent may or may not have done things to contribute to these concerns).

With Estranged children, both the custodial parent and child genuinely want the child to have contact with the absent parent. The absent parent will not want to have contact with the child however they can sometimes be persuaded to do so. When the child does contact the absent parent they show them love and respect and call them a respectful name such as mum or dad. 


The custodial parent has purposefully cut the other parent out of the child’s life. Through the brainwashing process of Parental Alienation the child has loyalty to the Alienator and doesn't try and contact the absent parent or when they do have contact with them they show them no respect.

If the issue arises in front of other people, the Alientating parent presents as wanting the child to connect with the targeted parent however due to the powerful control over the child's mind the child knows they must reject the non custodial parent.