Parents For Life

 Information to help prevent children becoming victims of a divorce.

  More detailed information about Parental Alienation.

Some of Facebook Groups/Pages with parents trying to do something about this problem:

 Parental Alienation Support 7 Awareness - 9,000 members 

Hosts Clinical Psychotherapist Alyse Price Tobler & Criminologist and Film Maker Dawn McCarty interview many adults who were cut off from a parent as a child. Many of these including the hosts did not escape the pathology until they were in their 30's and 40's

I Was Erased - 4,000 members

 Parental Alienation Awareness of America – 6,500 members 

 Adult children of Divorce  – 270 members

Support the making of the Erasing Families movie

 Parental Alienation Dynamics - 17,000 followers