Solution Estrangement

In a case of Estrangement a loving parent will move heaven and earth to get their child to bond with the absent parent. Most will be very willing to listen to any suggestions. Some of the things they will be happy to do if asked will include:

-call the absent parent your mother/father in the presence of the child;

-write mothers day/fathers day cards to the other parent and ask the child to sign them;

-hang good pictures of the absent parent in prominent locations in their house;

-give to the child a list of 10 good parenting attributes that the other parent has;

-'I want a break from you every Tuesday so I can do things for myself, why don't you go see a movie with your other parent';

-ask the child to cut contact with them for a significant period of time so they could bond with the absent parent or another.

If the custodial parent does not want to do these things the child is psychologically abused not estranged.

In a case of genuine estrangement once the absent parent wants to reconnect with their child bonding is immediate and they can instantly start to rebuild their relationship.